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April 29

Dear Diary:

It is currently 6:45 p.m. and Jack--I mean Simon--showed up promptly as usual. As I had mentioned before, he has been acting as he normally does, but for some reason his behavior appears more forced than usual. I wonder if something had happened before his arrival (is it safe for me to assume that we're past the border of acquaintances at this point? Because I'm sort of worried/curious about him).

Truthfully, I'd like to consider him as a friend, however I'm still hesitant. College students nowadays are shrouded in mystery. Perhaps it's my paranoid mind to blame, however I have my reasons and have witnessed a terrible event to evidently defend my perspective. The number one reason I can't trust people during first encounters is their integrity. How they act before me can be different to someone else, and additionally, I'm not aware of their background. To explain blatantly, they're a two-faced bitch. I'm sorry for my colorful language, but I'm also not. This topic really strikes a nerve, and I can never bring myself to forgive the boy (yes, he is NOT a man) who had hurt someone dearest to me. For the time being, I digress this matter (and will elaborate in the future).

Currently, I'm having a short break at one of the booths, seated next to where Simon currently resides. Oaken has been allotting me numerous opportunities to study for exams, now that my year is coming to a close. I'm definitely sure that giving numerous breaks for an employee on shift is considered unethical and unprofessional (although the policy doesn't exactly states this, and this is practically common knowledge), nevertheless Oaken waves off the contemptuous notion and urges me to study during light flows. Oaken is commendable for his passionate outlook on education, and we're both fortunate so say the least, that our superior respects and approves of Oaken's reasonable decisions.


With her index and thumb gently caressing the corner of the analysis document, and another hand wielding the pink wand's blunt end to the corner of her lips, Elsa re-read the essay for the third time along with her identified device and its definition scribbled in concise, ebony sentences. One portion of her exams required her to identify applied literary devices and define the terminology. Although it served more as a review from her prerequisite courses, her current course had spent at least a week on the subject to serve as an introduction into Transcending Works. Fortunately, this was a topic she was very familiar with, however she could not deny how intimidating and stressful it had been to memorize the entire list. More so, the pressure was due to the random thirty selection to be provided on the exams. Out of all the testing portions, vocabulary served to be the most difficult.

Her cobalt eyes had occasionally sauntered over to the coal marble table, checking if Oaken needed any assistance, but he had always replied with an approving grin and a thumb up. Elsa had given up on the article and switched back to the wrinkled, torn literary device list and sighed dispiritedly. Sitting beside her stack, half empty of its content, Oaken's special studying concoction had little impact on her swelling pique.

"It's come down to final exam season, huh?" a modulated, tenor voice inquired.

Elsa smiled wryly, her eyes locked on the inordinate amount of texts.

"Mind if I sit with you?"

The platinum blond gestured to the empty, chestnut plush seat before her. "Did Ariel do something again?"

"Nah," he chuckled, "Is it wrong for me to come down and get a cup of coffee every once in a while?"

"But you usually approach me when there's something that happens to Ariel." Her thin, alabaster hands digressed the review sheet on the rectangular, obsidian, glass table. "It's rare of you to come down and get coffee, Herc."

The red head scratched his chin thoughtfully before answering, "How about coming down to see my favorite person? It makes for a legitimate reason."

"I've missed you too," she chirped. "How have things been with on your side?"

"If it's about my major, then I'm doing well. Greek mythology has grown on me, so has being a coach."

Elsa hummed pensively, "Hmm. You look good as usual."

"And you're beautiful as always."

She jested and flips her hair dramatically, "I have to try."

"That's my Elsa, alright!" Hercules beamed approvingly, "Anyways, it's not about Ariel this time, I swear."

"Then is it about..." her voice drops into a whisper, "Megara?"

"What?! No!" he exasperated, flustered. "For God's sake Ariel--Never mind. Right now, I need a favor."

"It depends, Hercules. You know how crazy my schedule is."

"I know," he answered guiltily. He chewed his lower lip like a reprimanded child as his brawny hands made its way to the table and laced through one another. "But it has to be you, Elsa. Please?"

The barista sighed reluctantly, "What is it now?"

"Will  you accompany to my event this Saturday?"


"I'll explain later, I'm sorry that it's sorta last minute. Make sure you dress semi-formal."

"Herc, what's this about?" Elsa piqued.

"It's a date."

The young woman hummed pensively, her hands folded beneath her chin airily and answering, "Go on a night stroll with me tonight, and you have yourself a deal."


Hercules showed up today, and I feel bad for the way I responded to him, but I guess I'm just on the edge lately. Hercules is Ariel's uncle, however with their age so close to one another, he treats her like a cousin. Herc majors in archaeology and wants to work oversea, specifically Greece and Rome, for as long as he could remember (it was relevant to Greek mythology tales apparently). Luckily, our community owns a museum dedicated to European history, and Herc spends so much time researching with his buddy, Milo, that it has become their second home (Milo is a linguist major who I have been acquainted with through Kida initially, followed by Herc, coincidentally).

On another note, he's an addicted heavy weight machine. Hercules is very muscular, right down to his protruding calves (I guys you could say that he's another Hulk figure). He has an affinity for self motivation and hard work, and carries a positive ambiance to encourage others around him, earning him a commendable recognition amongst staffs and members alike in Olympus Gym. Because of this, he was offered to be an instructor (along with unlimited membership and decent pay) for his cooperation. He holds classes every afternoon on Sunday through Tuesdays. Fortunately, Hercules's private coaching comes free for his exclusive friends on his off days (mainly because he is just as busy as the next university student and these are one of the few moments he gets to catch up with them).

Back on topic, Hercules asked me out for one of his dates again. Don't get the wrong idea, Hercules is like a big brother to me (he's a year ahead of me too), however he has a problem to decline invitations. Based on our last interactions together, most of which ended up being double dates with his friends, and because he's still single, I have to step in (after all, I'm the lone wolf in the group).

Uh oh… It's currently 7:30 p.m., about a quarter since his departure, and I think Oaken's starting to look like he's having trouble (the night owls usually flood in around this time). I think it's about time I go back to work. I'll write to you more later.


Back again. The clock says it's currently a quarter to midnight, and I'm currently sitting in a warm, bubble bath after a good two hour run. You should see what's going on around me, and I'm curious if anyone else does this. Currently, I have my phone playing Yiruma pieces from a makeshift table, and beside it are my leftover lasagna and a mug of green tea. I've been wiping my hands and arms on my towel for the umpteenth time while I was transitioning between writing and re-positioning myself to a comfortable position. In the end, I know I'll be sore by the way I'm sitting upright, my legs outstretched, and leaning uncomfortably to the left. I considered sitting with my legs crossed, but I'm afraid I'll be too sore to return to my normal position, and so I'm like this.

After work, Herc picked me up. Surprisingly he owned quite a display of women's sportswear (it's actually all Ariel's), and speaking of his bubbly relative, I made him aware of their actions.


Hercules returned at exactly ten thirty along with work out clothes--a pink camisole and black running shorts--he kept at the back of his trunk.

"It's Ariel's, don't worry." He answered her perplexed expression. "We work out a lot, so I end up carrying a number of her spare sportswear."

"Is it clean?"

"I end up washing them in the end…"

"You know... You spoil your cousin way too much, Herc. I hope you know that," the platinum blond clicked her tongue disapprovingly, but Herc merely shrugged.

"She helps me find artifacts and I help her stay in shape. It's a win-win situation if you ask me," the auburn haired man replied nonchalantly.

"As for the things you tell her… please be more attentive about explicit things you  share. Your experiences have molded her jokes these days." She pivoted and made her way towards the coffee shop's entrance.

"Really?" Hercules confounded. "I was being honest, ya know?"

Her hand coiled around the cool metallic texture when he had responded. "Provide a filter of some sort."

"Was it really bad?" he inquired slowly, an anxious hand chafed against his lower jaw line.

Elsa turned to him with a grim face. "She compared Eugene's narcissistic obsession to his neglected sex life."

His eyes snapped up with an amused glow radiating in his sapphire eyes. "No way! What did she say?"

In an undertone, Elsa whispered, "He paid for more vintage films than a box of condoms."

Hercules threw his head back as a guffaw erupted from his lips. "Oh my God! Are you serious?! That's great!"

"Herc! Think about what Rapunzel would feel about this!"

"I'm sorry but it's great!" he cackled, "You know better that Rapunzel would crack up and play along!"

Peeved, Elsa exclaimed impatiently, "Do you want me for your date or not?!"

"I do! I do!" her auburn haired companion answered in between his gasping breaths, "Go change already! I'm waiting on you."

"Fine, let's get this over with..." the platinum blond retorted with a roll of her eyes. As the door closed behind her, she swore she heard him break back into snicker.


He's right though... I know Rapunzel would end up laughing and play along the whole debacle of her narcissist of boyfriend, especially when he's in the room. It's a mystery how these two manage to stay together this long, but they look like they're enjoying themselves when they're together... I'm slightly envious.

Back to Hercules, my assumptions had been correct. It was another date with his friends, however this time, his friend's date happens to be friends with her university's dean's son, and from what Herc's friend knows, the dean's son is infatuated with his date.


"My friend's name is Kronk. This Saturday, he asked out a girl named Melina on a date," Hercules informs the platinum blond upon their warm up run around the block.

"Uh, huh," Elsa responded, her voice comes off shakey and distorted from running. "And this date is different from the last... how exactly?"

"Kronk said he'll hook me up. His date knows the Dean's son. His name is Kuzco, I believe."

"So basically, you're using her to get transferred in?! Herc, I didn't think you'd be like that!"

"No, not at all!" he answers quickly. "Kuzco is actually responsible for recruiting members, but the job was quickly taken over by Melina since he doesn't know squat."

"If anything, the poor girl is the one being toyed in this whole thing," the platinum blond pitied.

"Not at all. Melina actually benefits from this. First, her intuition is covered by the dean as a form of compensation for his son's incompetence. Second, she's going on a date with a guy she's infatuated with, and third..."

"She ends up doing Kuzco's dirty work, and you get in."

The pair stopped by an empty traffic street with the traffic light blaring crimson in every direction, including the one they're headed. This specific traffic light has a history to maintain the bloodshot color after ten in the evening, making it the perfect embodiment for a spontaneous horror tale. It's as dead as a graveyard except for the whimsical mating cries of sacattas and crickets ruling the air, the perfect hour for ghosts and other spiritual beings alike to cross over realms and dimensions through the mundane world as a medium. However, the hulking figure and his svelte companion have been through this specific route a number of times that the tell-tale was nothing more than a spontaneous myth to keep children from leaving their homes at an ungodly hour.

Hercules scowled at her remark, but quickly brushed it off with a sigh, "But with me as her wingman, I'm sure she'll confide in me when it comes to Kronk."

"How did you get caught up in this exactly?" the platinum inquired whilst stretching her limbs.

"Kronk lost a bet with me and I dared him to ask his closest female friend out on a date."

"And the history behind Kuzco?" At this moment, the pedestrian sign lights up and the pair resume their evening run.

"He's an heir to his grandfather's business."

"What about his father?"

"I heard he rebelled against the idea, chose a different path, and eloped with someone he loved."

Elsa's brows furrowed, sympathetically. "What about siblings?"

Hercules shook his head, keeping his breathing in check. "According to Kronk, Melina told him that Kuzco's father had initially wanted to severe ties with his biological family to save face. However, due to their grandfather's lack of heir, he had compromised to hold on to his position until Kuzco was of age. Melina's also, somewhat, in charge of his well-being."

"She must have a good influence on him," the platinum blond praised, "but wouldn't her efforts go to waste when Kuzco realizes his one sided affection?"

"I'm not sure, to be honest. But I wouldn't be surprised if Kuzco and Melina end up together after all their times spent with one another," Hercules chuckled wryly. "What I know from befriending Kronk is that he's mind is head-over-heels in love with his culinary passion that he doesn't have room for anything else. I'm sorry to say that Melina may be heartbroken from this, but I'm sure her feelings will wane off soon."

"That sounds terrible," Elsa muttered disapprovingly. "Why is it that love is so cruel?"

"It is," Hercules chuckles gauchely. "But I don't think love is always cruel." His svelte companion turned to face him inquisitively, gesturing him to press on. The brawn man's voice dropped to a soft tone and his expression became distant. However, they were gentle as he thoughtfully voiced his opinion. "I'd like to think that heart aches and heart breaks are what makes you grow up. It doesn't mean you have to lament on the past and your mistakes, but what matters is how you respond to it."

A carefree smile, attached it was a freckled face with blue eyes and strawberry blond hair, popped into her mind at that moment.

Sympathetically, Elsa inquired gently, "Herc, did you…?"

His ocean blue eyes met hers and he chuckled lightheartedly, however it bantered off with an ominous ambiance. "I wonder…"


From what I heard in regards to Hercules's situation, I couldn't help but scowl at the idea of using Melina as the medium or form to help accomplish their goals. I especially don't like how Melina may end up heart broken. It's cruel, and I'm peeved at Herc for allowing this situation to happen when he has every opportunity to prevent this from happening.

I suppose he got the hint that I'm not pleased about the situation, so we didn't speak about anything else after that, but he left me with something to think about tonight. I'm surprised that Hercules can look so… so… (was it vulnerable?) It's hard to describe it. Hercules always wears a gentle and amiable expression on his face, but tonight when he told me his opinion about the negative aspect of love, there was something different about his usual gentle expression. It was distant and he was considering his words thoughtfully… I think, for a moment, I got a glimpse of what he truly is. I wonder what happened to him…

Anna just sent me a reminder text about an international celebration event taking place on May 1st. International love day. She's been spouting me about it ever since February ("But it's different!" I could hear her vexingly elaborate to me now). Anyways, she wants me to write a love story, but I'm already over it. Love is overrated, and Hollywood's portrayal leaves a bad aftertaste lingering in my mouth every time. Love is a never ending hype, and I'm baffled that everyone (at one point or another) always have room to listen/watch. Thinking about it now, the situations in these stories are all derived from something, like Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet's star crossed fate. Our modern stories impersonating this idea can be seen in those situations such as status (Rich Heir/Heiress x Average/Poor), rivalry (boy hates girl/vice versa), forbidden (step sibling x step sibling), etc. It makes me wonder why so many people are still enticed to such repetitive tales. Is it because the situation is dramatic enough? Relateable? A fantasy?

I want to deny her request, because after all, I don't have the experience or the sympathy to bring it to life. In the end, I can't deny it, because she's got Belle and Ariel in on the idea, and now they've gotten my professor involved (she's a sucker for love stories and to make it worse, she's using this as an obligatory present for her effort of accommodating me to where I currently live). Had it not been for them, I wouldn't be sitting here wrestling with writer's blocks and migraines. The deadline is set for next year on Valentines Day, but I'm not sure if I'll make it at all.

To be honest, I've been thinking a lot about Anna's proposal at the time when Jack had given me this notebook, I had thought the timing was uncanny. But back then, I thought it would be interesting just to write about capricious and spontaneous highlights on a routinely basis (I have the most free time on Wednesdays, but I try to wedge time on other days, but they're usually brief).

Since we're on the topic of this book's purpose, I just had to flip back to the cover and read something ominously important. As you have noticed the time gap that Jack gave me this book (on April 15) and the time I wrote my first entry (April 22), was due to disinterest and time-crunching schedule. When I was cleaning up some of the clutter on my table, I found the book, and because my curiosity got the best of me, it wasn't until April 22 when I opened this book. This journal only has his name scribbled behind the front cover, and there's a message stamped at the center of page that says:

Everything happens for a reason.

I wonder why he chose this quote. In a way, it sort of motivates me (I'm not sure why, honestly). I guess the way it's worded out like a challenge makes me wants to decipher and understand…

Dearest diary, forgive me. In the end (due to Anna's persistent and much consideration), you'll have to end up being my blueprint for this project based on experience. Personally, writing based on creativity is not enough by itself. Creativity is a dream with no logical basis, where as fantasies are based off a desires people crave in (harsh) reality. Now, I don’t intend to find some random male individual to be my guinea pig on this (because it's immoral and selfish on his part). I intend to hear other's experience and take it with an outsider's perspective on it, hopefully making it more objective. And IF ever the time arises that I fall in love, I can only hope that my experience won't be clouded by subjective emotions.

Tonight, I think I'll make you a guide for falling in love.

A.G.F.F.I.L: Ch. 4- Guileless
Sorry for being late again. Things over here have been hectic on my end, and I have to prepare for school coming up next week! :)
On another note, I've been looking for jobs related to writing, and with that I'm excited to share that I'm writing an original story! It will be written under the cell phone novel genre, and if you guys sound interested, let me know and I'll link it to you :D


Ch. 3:  A.G.F.F.I.L.: Ch. 3- Lucifer
April 25
Dear Diary:
It's Saturday, I've got a handful of free time on my schedule, and I'm not sure how to spend it. I killed some time reading my old entries, and this may just be the perfect time to cover the event that happened between me and Mr. Lucifer (aka the idiot who gave me this diary). I'm actually quite surprise that I refer to him as idiot, even on my earliest entry, and I'm not sure why, honestly. Perhaps (I don't know why I have to explain this to myself, or you, but here I go) it's because that was my very first impression about him… I think. No. I'm sure this was it.
How did we meet? In a coffee shop (and no this is not one of those romantic coffee episode scenes) set a little over than 3 weeks ago (April 1st to be exact). It was my shift to work when he clocked in around five in the afternoon (I knew the time because I was glancing at the clock when I had accidentally knocked over a bag of plastic cups off the counter), and I had several very impatient,

Ch. 5: :writersblock:


(c) "A Guide For Falling In Love" and banner belongs to me
(c) Kuzco, Kronk, and Melinda belong to Disney's "The Emperor's New Groove/School"
(c) Hercules and Megara belongs to Disney's "Hercules"
(c) Belle belongs to Disney's "Beauty and the Beast"
(c) Ariel belongs to Disney's "The Little Mermaid"
(c) Elsa and Anna Disney's "Frozen"
(c) Starbucks belongs to Starbucks


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Hey guys, it's Scar (although that's not my real name ^^;) and I'd like to say welcome to my page! :wave:

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Well, after three years being on here, I've grown fond of reading a lot of fanfictions and making my own such as:

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I love to sing and play tennis. Those two extracurricular activities take me away from writing. Tennis in the fall and show choir in the spring.

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I get majority of my story ideas from:
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For the most part, I'm concentrating on the Soul Eater Fanfics and Frozen/Rise of the Guardian cross over Fanfics since I'm crazy re-obsessed with it. But do not fret, my fellow Teen Titans friends, I will come back for the Teen Titans stories when my high for it comes around ;)

And that's about it! Thanks for stopping by!


What I learned in the last 5 yrs/dA anniversary

Journal Entry: Sat May 9, 2015, 6:28 AM
How are ya'll doing?! I'm happy to write to you guys again!~ And I've come back with updating stories and bearing new ones as well (there's one in le storage for the time being until I finish my old work).

May is finally here, and I'm happy to share that I've been doing extremely well after sharing what had happened.

First and foremost... WOW! It's already been 5 years since I've made this deviantart account! And looking back, I'm extremely blown away by how many people have watched me and have read my stories. I just wanna tell you all: Thank you! For always supporting me, for having never ending patience regarding what happens IRL or on here, and for always cheering me up with your heartfelt words! I love it when I receive comments on my stories, because it makes me feel close to my readers. It cheers me up tremendously to hear what you guys pick up from my stories (because honestly, I don't recognize my own voice via stories) and you guys have helped me acknowledge my strengths and flaws. Your opinions and suggestions are what keeps me going, and had it not been for them--I may have given up writing. So thank you very much, for even bothering to read my own work. From Robstar to SoMa to Jelsa. I will never forget all the friends and readers/watchers/friends I have made up to this point. I am very grateful.

On another note, I'm surprised I joined dA on May 9--it's actually my sister's birthday tomorrow (how weird?!). Actually May is my most busiest month due to having back-to-back celebrations (that could probably explain why we're running bankrupt on this month). From anniversaries to birthdays to mother's day, etc. It's just one hell of a crazy month for me! But I'll still be trying my hardest to catch up on late submissions! :)

As of now, it's currently 5:26 am and I'm in the middle of working on a presentation project regarding my sister's birth until her present age. It's going to be a sleepless night as I rush to finish this project (but my stupid smart phone is on low battery and its wires are not working well), so I'm killing time to write (and read manga) as I wait for my phone to meet at least 50% ((I just checked my phone and for the last 2 hours, it hasn't charged... I'm extremely pissed)). SIGH... I'll probably end up missing out the first couple hours of the party to work on this video behind the scene. But I'll have it done ^^;

Regarding my lack of submissions... I've been debating about sharing my youtube channel. For those who have bothered to read my notes, I suppose you know that I have a big passion for singing. And well... I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that I publicize my work (because my sound cloud account is about run out of space so I'll be posting on YT more often). Honestly, I don't mind sharing it with you guys (I'm just embarrassed with hearing my own voice). I'm aware that I'm not that great of a singer, and that I still have much to learn and improve, but the reason for posting (as the same as for stories) is because I have fun--and I want to look back someday to see how much I improved. [[My YT channel]] This is a dream, I don't want to give up until I fail knowing that I gave it my all. So I will be chasing my dream throughout college ((I'm still debating about English or Music major)). I hope you guys can support me on this--and I hope someday I will be able to achieve my dream ^^

Regarding "A Guide For Falling in Love"fanfic:
It's true that my passion for writing all began from writing from a diary (matter of fact, I own 5 books dating back to 2005). They're stupid rambles regarding falling in love, meeting new friends, accomplishments, failures, the highlights, the lowlights, the unforgettable, and small moments in between. I love writing stories based from my past experience and from others. More than anything, I have loved writing with my feelings involved (because they're realistic, and there's justification for those corny/melodramatic events that Hollywood always over-dramatizes on the big screens). I love reading manga/other fanfics that help trigger nostalgic emotions, because it motivates me to write when I'm in the mood (and the more realistic it feels). But presently, I haven't touched my diary since last summer (I've been alternating between typing them in my smartphone and vlogging--because nothing captures moments like videos!) I don't know, perhaps this is a bad omen? Or maybe, writing fictional tales are more interesting than what's happening in reality ;)

And I hope that when I look back another 5 years from now, that I will continue to stay true to my voice in literature. And you guys are all to thank for helping me discover them. Also, thank you guys for cheering me up during my time of despair back two months ago. I'm currently doing well! I've been health-conscious and working out, writing stories, singing covers, and screwing up my sleep schedule for my online besties. I've been holding on pretty well, and I've finally come to decide that I will attempt to pursue my dream career. I am aware of countless failures and discouragements, as well as its financial instability, but I don't want to give up until I know that I have given it my all. 

[[RANT: To my undeclared major watchers/friends and younger readers who will come across this someday]] Whether you want it or not, here is my 2 cents regarding college courses and your future careers and majors (because I'm currently going through it): DO NOT (AND I MEAN IT) DO NOT LET ANYONE CHOOSE YOUR CAREER FOR YOU. If you're doing it for the sake of your parents or financial stability, YOU BEST BE DAMN SURE THIS IS SOMETHING WORTH YOU WANT TO BUST YOUR ASS UP AT 4 AM IN THE MORNING. Trust me, I learned the hard way. Luckily, I'm still young and I still have time to get my feet wet. In college, you go at your own pace. No one cares about who graduates the fastest--frankly, there is no "normal" time to graduate (they just wanna graduate out of their chosen course ASAP). Every major/career varies with graduation, so take your time! If you have a dream career, why not do it? Your parents may not approve of it (and trust that they are looking out for your best interest) but in the end, this is your life. This is your career. Would you prefer waking up early and excited or dreading? If you wanna be smart, have fall back major! Or if you know your chances may be slim, why not do a different job that's an alternative (ie: being recognized as a singer is difficult; why not be a vocal teacher? The skill's still there). It's scary to do something that you don't know what the future will hold for you, but if you never try, you'll never know. That's how it works (and in most cases, the ones who are scared to try, miss out an opportunity they could have landed). If you fail, try again, BUT know when to bow out gracefully--if you gave it your all, be proud of yourself, because you did everything you could with no regrets. "For a star to be born, there is one thing that must happen: a nebula must collapse. So collapse. Crumble. This is not your destruction. This is your birth" (N.T.). Every failure, you mature. How your attitude towards this determines how you grow. Will you keep moving forward? It's okay to be selfish here. It's your life after all, not your parents, not your siblings, not your grandparents, not your friends. YOURS. So live it how you want it to be. And I hope that with each struggle, you come across, that you hold on to the reason why you pursued this career/major in the first place.

Sorry for all that rant up there ^^; I just got a really, really passionate about this stuff because my cousins, friends, and I are all hypocrites and we need to follow our own advice. We've been supporting each other to this point--and soon we'll be switching majors to what we wanna do. (Most of us have our parents pushing us into the medical field and we do NOT have a passion for it) We regret wasting money for changing majors? No, not really. We regret losing time for what we should have wanted to do. 

Thanks for everything! And wish me luck as I pull an all nighter to finish my project regarding my sister's birthday clip (which is due tonight around 9 pm-ish). Her party is tonight, and I'm suppose to keep her out of the house until 5 pm. She thinks she's going prom dress shopping (which is partially true, but the malls around here are so hyped up that finding a unique prom dress will be hell). 

Sending you all my hugs and gratitude! <3


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