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April 30, 2012
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October 5, 23:00 EST

"What's the problem, Batman?" Robin asked.

"I need to speak with you, privately," Batman said.

Robin exchanged a small smile with Starfire before she headed out. The door clicked shut before Batman continued.

"The Gordanians have spoken to us about an ultimatum," the Dark Knight said, "either we turn her in or they'll destroy this city with one blast. I suggest you turn the girl in."

"She didn't do anything!" the boy wonder exploded.

"You haven't heard the whole truth," Batman glared, "she's a dangerous warrior who'll destroy our planet, Robin. She's a princess from her home planet who so happens to be the next in line to rule. Her parents are gone. She has Tamaran under her fingertips. It so happens that she came from Okaara for a mission: to destroy the Earth. Turn her in now. I'll meet you at headquarters." The holographic image of Batman faded.

Robin was in shock. Starfire couldn't do that… It can't be. But Batman said she is evil. He knew that he had to listen to Batman, because Batman was always serious when it came to cases and he was never wrong. Out of his own accord Robin came in to his own conclusion. Starfire was a liar. She tricked me. She only used me so she can learn about our headquarters and destroy us. Once we're out of the way, she'll destroy the city, Robin thought venomously.

He glared at the door where the alien girl waited. He approached the door and walked up to her. "Starfire," he said in a subtle voice, hiding his anger.

"Yes?" she asked hesitantly.

"Let's go to the teleportation room. Batman needs to talk to us in person."

"Will he inflict harm on me?" she asked. Her eyes grew frightened. Robin grew guiltier the longer he stared at them. He averted his eyes away by turning around and led the way. He hoped she wouldn't notice that he was avoiding her gaze.

"I'll make sure he won't," he replied. Starfire followed after him silently as they approached the teleportation room in time to hear the computer announce his arrival.

"Recognize: Batman 02."

Batman stepped forward and looked at Starfire than Robin. He nodded to the boy wonder. Robin immediately took action and locked Starfire's arms behind her back with a strong hand cuff. Her eyes widened in shock.

"B-but you said…"

"I said I wouldn't let him hurt you," he hissed, "Batman will take you the watchtower and keep you under high surveillances."

"I do not understand, Robin why are you--"

"You lied to me Starfire. You are the next grand ruler of Tamaran and you came to Earth from Okaara for a mission in which involved the destruction of Earth. I have to hand it to ya. You're a really good actress. Unfortunately, you won't have your way." Robin walked her up to Batman.

Starfire was speechless as she stared at the boy before her. Moisture ran into her surprised emerald eyes. Robin instantly felt guilty when he saw a tear run down her cheeks.

"Is this how you truly see me?" Starfire shook. "I am a villain in your eyes when I had not committed any unjust crime…? Just when I believed I had a reason to save this world…"

Starfire left the sentence hanging as her head bowed forward. Several of her long hair had form a waterfall in front of her face, causing Starfire's eyes to be well hidden. Batman took Starfire and re-entered the machine. "Good job kid, you did the right thing," Batman said before transporting.

Robin continued to stare at the empty teleportation machine for the next several moments rerunning the event over in his head. So Starfire did lie. She didn't seem to deny it, he thought sadly. She really was going to destroy the world… but she said she had a reason to counter the plan. Isn't she controlling the faith of the Earth? He replayed the events in his head once more. Suddenly his eyes widened in shock. Something's wrong.

Robin ran into the teleportation machine and quickly transported to the watchtower.

October 5, 23:30 EST

Once there, he frantically searched about for Starfire and Batman without alarming everyone. He turned around the corner and ran straight into Kid Flash.

"Hey, Dick! Going somewhere?" his best friend greeted.

"Wally, where's Batman?" Robin asked.

"You missed him and a good show a few minutes ago."

"What happened?"

"The alien chick escaped."

"What?!" Robin said.

"She broke through the cuffs so easily! I've never seen someone break those chains before!"

"But wasn't the chain strong enough to hold Superman?"

"He's still part human, Dick. And she's full alien."

"Where'd she go?"

"She went through one of the shuttle entrances and flew back to Earth from there."

"Thanks… by the way do you know what's up with Batman? He's not acting normal."

"Don't know what you're talking about. He's pretty creepy as usual."

"No, I mean he called me kid. You and I know very well that he doesn't call me that!"

Kid Flash looked at him confused. It only took one second for Robin to realize what was happening. He pulled out several smoke bombs and tossed them in front of Kid Flash. With that he made his escape towards the portal once more before Kid Flash had a chance to clear the smoke with his artificial tornado.

Once back at Mount Justice headquarters, Robin's watch beeped and he quickly read the alert on the holographic screen. It didn't take long for Robin to realize where Starfire had disappeared to. Robin dismissed the computer and sped off to the garage, hopped on his motorcycle, and drove to his home city as fast as he could.


He lied to me, Starfire thought. Batman was several feet ahead of her, leading the way to the Justice League prison. They were right. Earthlings are not meant to be trusted… Robin had accused me for unjust purposes. I had shown him my weakness and trusted him. But now I am nothing but a criminal. Then her eyes glowed green with fierce bitterness. I do not deserve such a treatment!

With her righteous fury, she broke the chains as easily as a fabric and jumped a good twenty feet from her captor. Her hands glowed with green orbs as she crouched into a defense stance.

Batman ran towards her, and Starfire shot a stream of neon green ray at him. Batman dodged her attack easily and made his way closer to her.

Starfire quickly reacted by gathering her powers and encased herself with it. Once at a close range, she unleashed her power as if it were popping a bubble. Her green mirage-like powers reverberated in the air like a flying ring. It smacked everyone within a twenty feet radius.

By standing heroes who came to assist Batman were also thrown off by the green ring. Starfire took this chance to fly away and locate an exit before more members showed up.

Luckily, she stumbled across a random room that contained several transportation shuttle pods that carried miscellaneous cargos. As if on cue, the gate opened for one of the incoming cargo pod and Starfire used this advantage to make her escape.

October 6, 0:36 EDT

She headed to the same place where she had been saved by Superman, Gotham City. She landed in a dark alley and easily hid herself in the shadows. She watched cautiously as passing by humans made their way to their destinations.

The princess stared at the humans questioningly. She knew that these people were innocent but the event that had happened moments ago caused her to think otherwise. Blackfire was right. Humans are not worthy beings to befriend. It would be better if their civilization was destroyed… and yet she could not go through with it. She had to prove to her people that Earth is a wonderful planet just as Tamaran.  Starfire continued to stare at the people. She knew deep down in her heart that these people had done no wrong doings. That was her reason to counter her sister's plan.

Suddenly Starfire was grabbed from behind. She noticed the rough green scaled arm around her neck. Her eyes immediately glowed green as she recognized her captor. "You would make a lovely addition to our collection," he whispered.

"I am not a possession," she hissed as she broke out of the Gordanian's grasp. She raised her glowing hands and thrust several orbs of starbolts at him. Unfortunately, her attack had captured several people as well as other Gordanians' attention. The citizens ran amuck when they saw the girl fly away along with her several alien pursuers.

The Gordanians fired several stun rays at the alien girl. Starfire avoided the attack easily and returned it with another round of starbolts. She successfully hit some of them, but it wasn't long until the Gordanians had cornered her.

One of the Gordanians aimed his staff at the building behind Starfire and created a square above her head, big enough to collapse and topple over the alien. Too late to react, Starfire was hit by the concrete debris and fell down along with it. Several other concretes landed on her after she made contact with the ground.

She struggled to get up by using her arms as leverage, but was quickly surrounded by the Gordanians. They were pointing their staffs at her menacingly when one of them, perhaps the leader, approached the alien girl and grabbed her by the neck. He raised her off the ground while her feet dangled a good five feet. Starfire had both of her arms over his firm hand around her neck. She winced in pain, one eye closed, the other half opened when his grip grew tighter around her neck.

"Pathetic," the Gordanian spat. "Indeed you are a weakling like any other human on this planet. Young Tamaranean Princess, you are nothing but a Troq. You are not strong enough to belong in your society. Humans are mere savages who have poisoned your mind. The hope you have for their civilization will only result fruitless. They will not accept an alien such as yourself. So what will it be? Listen to the black one and admit your fruitless journey or run away and disgrace yourself? Either way you will still lose."

Starfire struggled from the Gordanian's strong grasp but instantly dropped when he had finished his ultimatum. She felt tears form in her eyes. I am weak. I am nothing. I am a Troq. I cannot save the Earth nor stop my sister. I am truly nothing, she thought miserably. She was too weak to continue fighting off his grip around her neck. She hung there waiting for her consciousness to slip away. The Gordanians grinned wickedly to one another when they noticed the girl had accepted defeat.

"Wise choice now let us--" the Gordanian was cut off by several batarangs which had cut all of their staffs in half. Then several smoke bombs bounced off in front of them. Starfire heard several gasps from the Gordanians as well as the sound of contacting skin. She felt the grip around her neck loosen and fall. She waited for the impact, but it never came. Instead she found self cradled in somebody's warm arms. She coughed as her burning lungs swallowed a handful of air.

Robin looked at the injured, coughing alien in his arms. Hatred washed over him as he observed Starfire's injuries. She was bleeding and bruised up from several places. Her neck was red from the Gordanian's tight grip. He was tempted to go back and fight them, but he knew that doing so would only waste his time.

Robin carefully sat Starfire on his motorcycle, both of her legs swung over the right side of the vehicle. "Starfire, hold on tight," he whispered gently. She nodded as she wrapped her arms around his waist tightly, her forehead lying on the back of his neck.

Robin sped off as quickly as he could and took both of them to the one place he hoped that Batman hadn't returned to.

October 6, 1:57 EDT

Robin made sure he hid his motorcycle very well before carrying the unconscious Tamaranean in his arms as he made his way to the door bell. He rung it once and within seconds, Alfred opened the door.

"Alfred, is Bruce home?"

"I'm afraid not, Master Dick," his elderly servant answered.

"Good. Get the first aid kit, I'll explain along the way."

Alfred closed the door behind them and locked it immediately. He scurried off to retrieve the first aid kit and returned to see Robin setting Starfire's frail frame on the couch.

Robin sat down by a nearby chair as Alfred aided the alien princess.

"I have a feeling that Bruce is under control, Alfred. Same with Kid Flash," Robin said, "chances are everyone else for that matter."

"Why do you think that, Master Dick?"

"He called me kid, Alfred. Batman never called me that, ever."

Alfred dressed Starfire's wounds after cleaning the blood marks off. "Of course, Master Dick, I believe he is being manipulated by a mechanical device?"

"The staffs."

Robin turned his attention towards the girl. "Starfire, you should really rest."

Starfire ignored his suggestion and opened her eyes to stare at the ceiling. Robin noticed her lifeless, empty eyes.

"The Gordanians use these stun staffs to accomplish capturing their preys. True it does stun their victim, yet the rays carry a microscopic device in which allows the Gordanians to control them. It is most useful when they capture Tamaraneans."

"Were you hit by them?" Robin asked.

"Once during my childhood, I was fortunate for my k'norfka had been present and was able to save me. At first it was most difficult to free oneself form the device, but I was able to remove it."

Starfire continued to stare at the ceiling before moving into a sitting position.

"Madame, it is best if you rest!" Alfred said.

"I cannot rest… for my mind has been preoccupied…Rest will not come for me," she said monotonously. Robin shared a look with Alfred and the butler bowed his head to them and quickly left the room.

"Star, what have they done to you…?"

"I must leave immediately…" Starfire brushed off Robin's question by struggling to get back up, but Robin got off his seat and put his hands on the girl's shoulders. Starfire looked at him with emotionless eyes. "Release me. I do not have a reason to be here any longer."

"Only a fool would go and face the Gordanians alone in your weak state," Robin said.

Starfire didn't answer.

"What? So you're just gonna turn yourself over to them?"

Starfire remained silent.

"You just can't do that, Star! That's not right! You have to fight back!"

"With what Robin?" Starfire raised her voice, her eyes ignited with frustration and anger. "I could not defeat the Gordanians. You had seen my state. I am weak. They have control over all your friends, it is just you and I left to fight back."

Robin was speechless by her sudden outburst. He tried to think of something to say back to her, but he came up with nothing.

Sensing this, Starfire continued her explanation. "My sister had persuaded our people that Earth was a corrupted world. She believed that it is our duty to destroy those corrupted and rule them. But I believe she had misunderstood your planet. Our people are indecisive with siding one of us. I had volunteered to go to Earth and show them proof myself. I do not need to give them an object to prove them, but my word. I was to keep this mission to myself for fear that it will cause a war between our planets. We had an agreement that if I do not come back by seventy-two earth hours-- now twenty-two, they will declare war on Earth."

Robin's eyes grew wide. War against Earth? What is this a sci-fi movie?

Starfire took that cue to continue for he had not responded. "I believed my sister had been right for a moment that earthlings are truly hostile creatures deep within, yet somehow I just cannot accept it." Starfire stopped talking and her voice grew softer, apologetic even. "I realized that I had misjudged you. You had acted out of your own accord because he is your mentor. I had taken your action as unjust."

"I'm so sorry, Star. If I had noticed it sooner, I would have stopped it from happening. I should have done something right when he called me kid," Robin apologized.

Starfire gave him a small smile that didn't reach her eyes. "It is okay. If not for that, then I would have not known of the true intentions of my sister. The Gordanians have told me that they have been sent by Blackfire. She had sent them to stop me from knowing the truth. I believe she knew that earthlings were truly kind hearted people."

"Thus she'll take advantage and rule over them," Robin finished.

Starfire nodded sadly.

"It's just like you isn't it, Star?" Robin noted.

Starfire sighed sadly. She had her face in her hands, but left a gap for her mouth so she could continue to speak. "Am I truly too easy?"

Robin couldn't help but smile, "This, yes. Kicking butt, not so much."

"Yet, it is so easy for me to be fooled… Even the Gordanians had called me some sort of joke… It does not matter Robin, I have already accepted defeat. I cannot win in this situation. It is better if you turn me in to the Gordanians now."

"That's not the same Starfire I spared with hours ago," Robin commented. "Where's the super cool, confident girl who kicked my butt?"

"She is not here."

"C'mon Star. You know better than that. I know you are better than that. You just need to put faith in yourself."

"I cannot. You have seen my state, Robin. How can I go back and fight when the result will be like that?"

"Then regroup and try again. Try another strategy. You can't just give up until you know justice has been served," Robin said.

Starfire looked at him, with sad hopeful eyes.

"I will help you win this fight," Robin stated.

"You had betrayed me before, Robin... How will I know you will not do it once more?" she whispered.

Robin leaned into Starfire so he could bump his forehead to hers, as if to snap her out of her pessimistic trance. His eyes bore into her emerald pools. Starfire couldn't help but blush from his sudden action.

"You have every right to doubt me, Star. But I can only promise you this. I will not leave you to face your problems alone."

Starfire gazed at his mask, imagining a pair of soft, warm eyes that matched his gentle voice. Starfire felt her body overcome with a weird feeling. She had never known that this warmth she was feeling even existed. In all her life, Starfire had been beaten to the core. She had been forced to wear a mask to cover her tears. True her people were driven by emotions, but Tamaranean soldiers were not allowed to show their sadness, for they would be considered weak. Also being nice was considered weak, for others could take advantage of her. That is why she had closed her heart from others, so she would not be considered rutha.

Starfire couldn't help but close her eyes and smile.

Robin his eyes closed as well and smiled back to the girl. "Thank you, Starfire. I won't let you down."

Starfire and Robin we're soaked into the moment that when they finally realized what they were doing, they pulled away embarrassed.

Robin pulled his collar and cleared his throat before speaking. "So here's what we'll do..."
Finally here is part 3!
I honestly had to wrestle with this story to finally get it right! It was quite difficult to tweak it out since it came out super choppy in my story... it was VERY repetitive. It was as if I was trolling myself. :x

It basically took the entire day for me to fix it up and re-edit several sections as well as replace them. I had multiple moments of :writersblock: and :typerhappy: Overall it was just one of those :iconheaddeskplz: moments.

But I love how it came out :squee: I hope you guys will like it as well! :D

Also I'll be honest, I was indecisive whether or not I should make Starfire sound like a total jerk, or not. But I stuck writing her like this because she's tired after the Gordanians basically destroyed her mask... so because of that change I had to re-write a lot of things.
So let's say I had made her a jerk in the story... the result will only be pointless arguments in the story. Basically, it'll make the dialogue a little more longer and she'll be repetitive about her problem (which is why I took it away) and eventually end the same way. x)


Part 2: TT: A.S.B.E.A.- Fated To Meet Pt 2
October 5, 8:15 EST

The two teens headed towards the storage room where the team's vehicles were parked. They exited through a pair of doors and found themselves greeted by an ocean view.

"Robin?" Starfire asked.

"Yeah, Star?" Robin replied.

"Do you like to fly?"

"It's every kid's dream to achieve in life," he grinned.

Starfire flew a couple feet in the air and turned back to offer her hand towards him. Robin was hesitant, he knew he'd be in a lot of trouble later, but his selfishness pushed him to go against Superman's orders. But at least I'm still with her, so I'm not in that much trouble.

"What is wrong, Robin?" Star

Part 4: TT: A.S.B.E.A.- Fated To Meet Pt 4
October 6, 2:00 EST

"Got everything?" Robin asked once he had finished explaining his plan. The girl reconsidered the idea, but she still felt uncomfortable about it. "Don't worry, I won't let them take you away even if they had a chance," Robin promised when he sensed the girl's stiff body.

"It sounds very risky…" she commented.

"It is, but it'll work, Starfire," Robin assured. The boy wonder pulled his left arm in front of him and activated his holographic computer. "According to your estimated distance from here to Tamaran and your speed, it would take you approximately three hours to get home, which means, we have onl


Although it's not Teen Titan related, the personality and characters are still part of it... so I still consider this story as part of my TT ASBEA collection (:


(c) Fated to Meet by me :D
(c) RobStar forehead touch by :iconblooming-pinguicula:
(c) Teen Titans by DC Comics
(c) Young Justice by DC Nation
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