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April 9, 2012
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It was another average, boring day at the tower for Jump City's famous Teen heroes. No villain was in sight let alone attacked the city. Each teen were busy in their respectable rooms minding their own business.

Robin worked out in the gym, increasing and strengthening his abilities for upcoming fights. Starfire played with Silky in her room, cuddling and bonding with her mutant pet. Raven meditated inside her dark room. Beast Boy and Cyborg played aggressively on their videogames in the ops room.

"Ugh… dude! No fair you knocked me off the road!" Beast Boy whined when his player fell into the ocean.

"It is fair. That's how you play Super Mario Kart," the half robot replied. "Unless ya can beat me at this game, ya won't ever drive the T-car."

"You're on dude!" Beast Boy retorted cockily. They started another round, this time Beast Boy was winning. Cyborg groaned angrily as he got shot by several red shells by computer players. Cyborg was dead last by the last round. "Ready to hand those keys over?" the green boy snorted.

"Keep dreaming," Cyborg smirked, followed by releasing the flying blue shell."

"Gaahhh!" Beast Boy spazzed, his hands pulling his hair. The flying shell circled Beast Boy's player before landing on him and several other players that surrounded him. Cyborg broke another mystery cube and used up the invincible star and passed by the group with ease. He finished the game in first place.

"Booyah!" Cyborg cheered, a stream of tears washing down his big sparkling eye. He rubbed the controller to his face with a big grin on his face. Beast Boy stared at the screen, watching their players driving manually.

"Dude… that is so unfair," the blank-face, tear-stricken changeling said.

Cyborg placed the videogame on the coffee table and stretched, "Well I'm off," he said.

"Where are you going?" Beast Boy asked his half robotic best friend.

"Titans East. I just wanna check up on them."

"Cool! Can I go too?" Beast Boy tossed his controller on the couch as he jumped over the couch towards Cyborg.

"Sure, just don't drool over my paint like last time."

The door to the ops room opened, revealing the two infamous couple of the team, fully engrossed in their conversation. Robin had a light green towel around his neck, after taking his shower. While Starfire, also with slightly wet hair, entwined her fingers over her own and tangled in front of her. "That is why Tamaraneans are inclined to their emotions," she explained.

"Hey guys, where are you heading?" Robin asked after nodding to Starfire.

"Just gonna visit Titans East," Cyborg replied.

"Oh! May we also accompany you?" Starfire asked excitedly.

"How 'bout we all go?" Cyborg suggested.

Starfire giggled jubilantly, "I will fetch Raven." She flew off to Raven's room and knocked on her door. The door slid open into a small crevice enough to see the sorceress's violet eyes.

"What is it Starfire?" she deadpanned.

"Raven we are departing to Titans East. We were hoping you would accompany us on this trip," Starfire replied.

"Since friend Aqualad is there…" she looked down on the floor, a small blush crept on her face.

Raven opened the door and stepped out, her hood already set over her face. She was blushing, a deep red color, underneath the shadow, but luckily no one could see it. "Let's go, Starfire." Raven walked ahead to the ops room while the floating princess followed, her smile shining brightly.

Cyborg lead the way to the elevator and rode down to the garage.

"I call shot gun!" Beast Boy ran off to get to the front passenger seat only to be tripped by his untied shoes. Raven slid over and took the front seat instead. "Aww… Dude I called that seat first!" Beast Boy whined.

"I don't see a name here. Besides Cyborg needs to concentrate. An idiot like you will throw him off the road," she retorted.

Cyborg snorted, "She got you there, B." He made his way to the driver's seat. Starfire, Robin, and Beast Boy filed into the back.

A couple hours later they arrived at the tower with Speedy, Bumble Bee, Mas, and Menos.

"Hey guys, welcome aboard the Happy Express," Bumble Bee greeted.

"Please, the locomotion is your humble abode? Well… I suppose I can see why you have named it that," Starfire commented.

Everyone laughed at Starfire's remark. She looked at everyone confused. "Good one, Star," Beast Boy laughed as he continued to play his portable videogame, "Almost as good as me."

"Um, it was a joke?"

"Yeah, Star, a good one." He complimented, but remained focus in his game.

"That's an understatement," Bumble Bee chuckled. "The day ain't complete without a single argument between Speedy and Aqualad."

"Well, it's his fault that he doesn't like fish tacos," Speedy commented.

"How could I not? You're eating my friends!" the Atlantian appeared from the entrance, his arms poised on his hips. A piece of his hair stuck on his forehead, dripping wet from swimming laps.

Starfire squealed and blushed excitedly, her legs curved upwards as she floated. Behind her, Robin's vein pulsed visibly on his forehead. The obvious, jealous boy wonder arched an eyebrow at the Atlantian, his mind bombarding with jealous comments.

Raven, on the other hand, averted her eyes as she blushed. Her hands clasped in front of her. Behind her stood Beast Boy, who was fully attentive to his videogame. Suddenly it was enveloped in black power and sparks emitted from the game. "Ahh! No! I just beat the high score!" Beast Boy shrieked as he dropped the totaled game.

It felt as if the atmosphere was flooded with hearts. Beast Boy didn't notice anything since he was busy crying over his broken videogame. Mas and Menos jumped in the background jumping and saying, "¡Aqualad es mucho guapo!" Bumble Bee responded by staring, blushing a little at him.

Speedy sighed secretly admiring his looks. The next second he coughed to cover up his sigh and rolled his eyes, arms crossed over his chest. Cyborg sighed, closing his eyes. Aqualad started back at them with a confused gaze in his onyx eyes. "Anyways, thanks for coming. We have pizza in the ops room," Aqualad said while pointing his thumb over his shoulder.

Beast Boy quickly recovered, "Sweet! Uh…"

"Don't worry we have one for vegetarian," Aqualad assured.

Beast Boy's eyes gleamed, "Thanks dude! Last one there is a rotten egg!"

Competitively, everyone ran in after Beast Boy. All but Starfire and Robin, who took their time talking about other Tamaranean traditions.

They got on their couch as each player took turns to play a round of Super Mario Party on the Wii. Others conversed with one another about the latest events in their lives.

By afternoon, they departed to Jump City. Starfire and Raven had silent, gleeful expressions on their faces as they recalled the soft, smooth voice of Aqualad's goodbye to them and his warm hug. "Bumble Bee has the luck, yes? I would wish to have such a handsome team mate such as he on the team," Starfire whispered to Raven.

Raven shot her a look of uninterest, but conversed with her mentally.

"Okay, Starfire, whatever we say here, stays here, got it?"

Starfire smiled at her, head bobbing up and down excitedly.

"I admit I liked the way he smiled at us."

"He is perfect! Too perfect like a blemphtorf!" she stared out the left side of the window, smiling brightly. "Tell me, do you have the feelings for Aqualad?"

Raven remained composed. "I don't know… I think he's just very attractive."

"Do you suppose that you have the feelings for anyone else?"

"I… uh..." a flash of green appeared on her mind and she quickly pushed it away so Starfire wouldn't recognize it. Raven heard a sharp intake of breath to her left. The Tamaranean's eyes widened as she stared out the window.

"What's wrong Star?" Robin asked.

"Nothing, she just saw a dolphin," Raven answered. Robin raised an eyebrow skeptically but decided to bite his tongue for once. They are awfully quiet lately, probably discussing about Aqualad. He didn't want to hear it.

"Starfire, do you like Aqualad?" she changed the topic.

"I would like to say I do," Starfire answered.


"My heart can only choose one, and that one is…" she said shyly as an image of a young man with spiky, ebony locks and masked eyes appeared before Raven's mind.

Raven offered her a small smile through their connected eyes on the reflection. "Keep him a secret okay?" she flashed an image of the boy that had captured her heart. Starfire smiled back and nodded.
Cover picture:


This is my first story for my first project: A Story Behind Every Art (A.S.B.E.A.) based on pictures I found on deviantart. I do not own any of the following arts in this story, unless I claim them. Anyways I will provide images for each part here. This is a three part story, but it is unrelated with any other story of this project. It is suppose to be a one shot, but I wrote way too much with just four pictures. Anyways enjoy! (:


I do not own the picture! It belongs to its rightful owner!

Picture used: [link]


Part 2: TT: ASBEA: Dance With Me Pt 2
Robin headed to the ops room with the other boys while the girls walked off to their own bedrooms.

He sighed aggravated that he may loose Starfire to Aqualad.

"Why don't cha take her out on a date?" Cyborg hinted.

"Why would I do that? She's my best friend."

Cyborg and Beast Boy rolled their eyes at the masked hero.

"Dude, it's so obvious that you love her. Do something about it!" Beast Boy said.

"I can't." Robin turned away from them.

"You can't or you wouldn't? Man, half the men in the world would die to be with her. 'Sides, she loves you too, ya know?"

"Don't joke with me, Cy," Robin said, a little hopeful.

"I ain't," Cyborg repli


(c) Picture by :iconramhay:
(c) Dance With Me by me :3
(c) Teen Titans belongs to DC Comics
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lol sorta turns out like that ^^;
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